SKU : GRE-S5720-19

IRange-196°C to+121°C, Use at ultra low temperature (liquid nitrogen) Polycarbonate.


ขนาดบรรจุ: 5 Rack 
     • IRange-196°C to+121°C
     • Use at ultra low temperature (liquid nitrogen) Polycarbonate.
     • Durable polycarbonate
     • Transparent colors
     • CryoFreeze racks for use at ultra low temperatures
     • Polycarbonate construction means these racks will withstand -196 degrees C (LN2)
     • Vents and holes in both base and lid so that there is always rapid draining
     • Index numerals are printed on the rack base
     • CryoFreeze racks will readily accomodate all standards microtubes as well as cryovials
     • Crystal-clear lid included.

Description81 place standard
(Rows x Columns)
9 x 9
Printed Indexing1 to 81
Position Shapesquare
Maximum Tube Diameter12mm
Maximum Tube Height49mm
Dimensions (mm)133 x 133 x 54

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